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KIAS scientist published book on microfluidics

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A book “Laboratory Methods in Microfluidics” written by Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences (KIAS) scientist Dr. Basant Giri has been released in Kathmandu, Nepal. Professor Toni Barstis from Saint Mary’s College, IN, USA released the book among a group of scientists, students, and researchers at the premises of KIAS today.

Cover page of the
newly released book
on microfluidics


Based on the description provided on the book, this book features a range of lab methods and techniques necessary to fully understand microfluidic technology applications. Microfluidics is a relatively new science and engineering. It deals with the manipulation of small volumes of fluids at sub-millimeter scale domain channels. This exciting new field is becoming an increasingly popular subject both for research and education in various disciplines of science, including chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental science.

The book provides a much-needed, comprehensive new laboratory reference in this rapidly growing and exciting new field of research and is useful to students, researchers and scientists. There are 18 standalone detailed methods/techniques/instructions, including fabrication and applications, used in microfluidics research and teaching.

According to Dr. Giri the book is intended for undergraduate and graduate courses in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, environmental science, and engineering.

The book is published by Elsevier and is available at Amazon for purchase.