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Research intern: vacancy #CAS1602

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I am looking for two research interns to work on two different but similar projects starting from August this year. The projects are:

  1. Paper-based analytical method for determining the quality of medicinal plants: This project involves the
    fabrication of paper-analytical device, development, and optimization of colorimetric reactions for determining the amounts of total phenolic, flavonoids and antioxidant scavenging activity of plant materials using smartphone as signal detector.
  2. Development of low-cost alternatives for measuring carbohydrates and lipids: This project also involves the fabrication of paper-analytical device that is compatible with reactions used for colorimetric determination of carbohydrates and lipids. We also plan to use smartphone for signal detection.

Ideal candidate should:

  1. have at least a four-year chemistry degree. Preference will be given to those who have M.Sc. in Chemistry or related subjects. If you are looking for a thesis project, this will be a great opportunity.
  2. have deep interest in research, self motivation, independent problem solving ability, and determination.
  3. commit for at least six month full-time.

I can not provide stipends but I will help you to apply thesis or research grant to funding agencies such as university grant commission and/or Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. You will get experience on a relatively new area of multidisciplinary research (microfluidics). I will encourage you to present the research findings in conference and you will co-author a research paper based on the results obtained for peer-reviewed journal.

These positions are open until filled (closed).

If you are interested in one of these positions, send me an email ( with recent CV and subject line-vacancy #CAS1602

Dr. Basant Giri (Principle Investigator)
Scientist, Center for Analytical Sciences
Kathmandu Institute for Applied Sciences (KIAS)

KIAS is a multidisciplinary research center in Kathmandu founded by Nepali scientists in 2014.