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Master’s thesis support program

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Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences (KIAS) announces applications for dissertation support for masters students in Nepal on following topic.

Topic: Evaluation of surface and groundwater quality in current and former landfill locations in Kathmandu, Nepal

Selected student will be supported by necessary funding and supervision to complete the research work.

Project description: In Nepal, municipal solid waste is primarily deposited in open dumps or landfills located near riverbanks with very minimal treatment of raw waste. Therefore, landfills are known to generate large quantity of leachate as waste goes through biological, physical, and chemical degradation processes when pressure, heat, and temperature is applied to the waste. While Kathmandu city generates 524 tons per day of municipal solid waste (Dangi et al., 2011), most of it is either never collected or whatever is collected ultimately is deposited in layers either near the river corridors in Kathmandu or in its temporary landfill located in Aletar in Okharpauwa Village Development Committee of Nuwakot district. There aren’t any comprehensive studies that have measured leachate and its impact into groundwater quality near landfilling activities in Nepal. Therefore, to fill this void, the proposed study anticipates to examine surface and groundwater quality in current used & closed landfill, and in two of the former dumps in river corridors in Kathmandu.

We are looking for a dedicated master’s level student in environmental science or related subjects.


Dr. Basant Giri, Scientist, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Mohan B. Dangi, Professor, California State University, Fresno, USA


Send your CV and a 500-word essay on why you are the best candidate for this support program to Dr. Basant Giri at bgiri<at>

Please write #CAS1702 in the subject line of your email.

Deadline: December 15, 2017