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Short course on Paper Microfluidics concluded

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By Retina Shrestha

Center for Analytical Sciences, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences (KIAS) successfully organized a two-day short course on Paper Microfluidicsdesign, fabricate, test and report. The short course was held from 20 to 21 April 2019 in KIAS, Bagdol, Lalitpur, Nepal. The primary objective of the program was to introduce Paper Microfluidics as a potential tool in developing paper-based diagnostic kits for various applications.

Twenty-one participants from both undergraduate (11) and graduate (10) from various colleges and universities in Nepal and abroad actively attended the short course. The students represented biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science, food technology, microbiology, and pharmacy programs. The program started with a short pre-class survey among the participants, designed to share the academic background and motivation to attend the program.

The course consisted of class room sessions, demonstrations and laboratory experiments. Students learned basics of microfluidics. At the end of class the students designed their own paper device, fabricated the device using wax printer. They used the same device to test the quality of antibiotics they purchased from pharmacy. In another experiments, the students determined the effect of channel dimensions on fluid flow using paper device.

The program was a part of USAID and National Academy of Sciences, USA supported Partnership for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) Grant

Some photographs of the event are given below.:

Photo: Basant Giri, Rojina Duwal